A Root Canal In Children! Is It Safe For Them To Have One Done?

Root canals are usually necessary if a tooth is damaged or decayed. However, a root canal in children will be done only when a cavity has begun affecting their nerves. Therefore, part of that nerve is removed during a baby root canal, and the tooth is covered with a cap.

Root canals are commonly feared because they are believed not to be safe. But that is not true! Root canals and baby root canals are completely safe as long as they are done accurately and take place adequately.

Sometimes parents do not have the baby’s root canal done because the milk teeth are temporary and will eventually fall out. While milk teeth are temporary, once the infection reaches the nerve, it may not stop there and proceed downwards. When the permanent teeth replace the milk teeth, the infection may affect the permanent teeth as well. Therefore, getting the baby’s root canal done while the child still has their milk teeth is vital. If the baby’s root canal is not completed, the child will begin to feel a lot of pain in their teeth because this is the same age when a children start eating foods for the first time. Hence the pain may affect their eating habits as well. If the infection is not removed soon, the child may have to be hospitalized, and they may need further treatment as well.

Adult root canals are a highly complex process. They require multiple visits to the dentist and are slightly painful as well. On the contrary, a baby root canal is not so so tricky. What’s even better is that the process can be completed in a single visit.

To conclude, root canals in children are completely safe and nothing to worry about. If you still have some questions, you can speak to our specialists at Porter Smiles Dental. Call us at (281) 519-7200 to book your appointment right away.