Can Vaping Cause Mouth Sores?

You enjoy your favorite flavored vape, but with time, the chemicals and heat from the vapor can irritate the delicate tissues in your mouth. This irritation triggers the formation of sores or ulcers, like little painful patches on your gums, tongue, or cheeks. So, if you notice any unusual spots or discomfort after vaping, it’s a wise step to give your mouth a break and see your dentist for advice.

What Is a Vape?

A vape is an electronic cigarette. It increases the temperature of a liquid solution inside it to the point it forms an aerosol you inhale. Such mixtures are made of nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol. The other dangerous ingredients are:

  • Ultrafine particles that can stick to your lungs
  • Diacetyl, found in flavorings
  • Nicotine
  • Cancerous compounds
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Heavy metals like nickel, tin, and lead

How Do Mouth Sores Affect Your Oral Health?

Vaping is comparatively a safer option than tobacco. However, there is no evidence that it is 100% safe and contains no harmful chemicals. Following are some ways it negatively influences your oral health.

Harms Gum Tissues

Vaping can wreak havoc on your gum tissues. The liquid in e-cigarettes possesses various levels of nicotine. According to studies, excessive nicotine can disrupt the blood flow to your gums, resulting in gum disease. This leaves your gum tissues vulnerable to harmful bacteria and infections.

Causes Dry Mouth

Like traditional cigarettes, vaping can also run your mouth dry. Propylene glycol is the main trigger for dry mouth conditions. A dry mouth can put you at risk of developing gum diseases, tooth decay, bad breath, and mouth ulcers.

Forms Cavities

E-cigarette liquids contain several flavors. These sweet and sugary particles forming the flavors can stick to your dental surfaces once inhaled. Therefore, additional plaque buildup can happen, weakening the enamel. This also stains your enamel and triggers tooth sensitivity.

Causes Allergies

Vapes contain various artificial sweeteners. Manufacturers add many juices in an attempt to make it extremely flavorful for the customers. Creating the appeal in taste makes them market their products better. However, these artificial sweeteners are not suitable for everyone. They can trigger allergies in certain people.

How to Treat Mouth Sores from Vaping?

There are countless DIY home remedies to treat mouth sores at home. However, adopting those grandma tricks can worsen the situation without a proper diagnosis. The following are some measures dentists can recommend for treating your mouth sores due to vaping.

  • Topical Medications

    Dentists can prescribe topical medications, like oral rinses or gels containing anesthetic or anti-inflammatory ingredients. They reduce inflammation to protect sores from further irritation. Doing so provides relief and accelerates healing.

  • Oral Hygiene Recommendations

    Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for preventing infection and promoting healing of mouth sores. Therefore, dentists can advise gentle brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild, non-irritating toothpaste. They also recommend avoiding acidic or spicy foods and beverages that irritate the sores.

  • Avoiding Irritants

    Dental professionals suggest avoiding vaping or using other tobacco products temporarily until the mouth sores heal. Continued exposure to the chemicals and heat from vaping can heighten irritation and delay healing.

  • Oral Medications

    Dentists can sometimes prescribe oral medications, like pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs. They immediately provide relief to calm the patient.

  • Follow-up Care

    Dentists can schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of the mouth sores and adjust the treatment plan as required. They can offer extra guidance on managing symptoms and preventing the recurrence of sores in the future.

Final Word

Vaping can cause mouth sores, and they can sometimes become severe enough to disrupt your daily routine. Therefore, it’s important to seek medical help from a general dentist. They will rule out the underlying cause and eliminate the condition from the root.

However, it is highly advisable to give up vaping. Contact Dr. Aliasgar Y. Mogri at Porter Smiles Dental for any oral health-related issue you face. Our doctor believes in continuous learning and is equipped with all treatment modalities. Dial (281) 519-7200 to connect.