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How to Floss around Crowns and Bridges?

August 15, 2022 848 Views

Dental crowns and bridges are among popular restorative dental procedures. If you have damaged or missing teeth, you can replace them with a dental crown or bridge. Dental crowns are single-unit prostheses that cover the entire surface of a weak or damaged tooth. On the other hand, dental bridges have two or more units that …

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Pain Under the Dental Crown

May 30, 2020 3704 Views

If you have ever undergone a dental treatment, keep in mind that those teeth can start to hurt again. This is because the toothaches you feel aren’t from nerves inside the teeth; they are from the dental nerve in the gums. If you have a dental crown on top of a tooth stub and the …

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Crown Sensitivity: How Long Does It Last?

April 15, 2020 7774 Views

You might be thinking of enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a cold day or lick your favorite ice cream on a sunny day. But if your teeth are sensitive to hotness or coldness, both of your ideas can be painful. The pain can start instantly, and the sensitivity can vary from mild to …

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Do You Have Cavity Under A Dental Crown?

March 30, 2020 1061 Views

Cavities are not loyal and can happen anywhere in the mouth. If you notice cavity in hard to reach areas such as under a crown, it is time to act quickly. Taking timely measure is necessary to ensure that the problem does not turn into a big disaster. Ignoring it might then require additional repair …

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3 Reasons You Will Love Your Dental Crown

February 25, 2019 802 Views

There are a few different reasons your dentist may recommend a dental crown for a tooth. You will most likely love your crown because in addition to the reasons your dentist gives, the bottom line is that your restored tooth will look and feel natural. That’s very important for aesthetic reasons.   The Dental Crown …

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How to Properly Care for Your Dental Bridge

September 24, 2018 2996 Views

Filling in the gap caused by missing teeth restores your smile and enhances your appearance. A dental bridge does this beautifully. Once the bridge is seated in place, you can smile again with confidence and joy. Now that you have your beautiful smile back, you need to take diligent care of it. Your Dental Bridge …

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Get Rid of Your Silver Fillings with Crowns

September 14, 2018 2841 Views

For the longest period of time silver amalgam has been used as a dental filling material. These fillings include silver, tin, and copper with mercury included as a binder to hold it all together. The fact that amalgam has great strength and durability made them the filling material of choice, particularly for molars which must …

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How Long Will a Dental Bridge Last?

July 24, 2018 2006 Views

Your natural teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, but there are extenuating circumstances that make that highly unlikely for many people. Decay, disease, and trauma are popular reasons why a person may end up losing teeth. Replacement of the missing tooth or teeth can be accomplished in several ways. One of the more popular …

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