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Is Metal-Free Fillings A Good Option?

May 15, 2024 9 Views

Metal-free fillings, also known as composite filling have become quite popular recently and for rightful reasons. Your dentist may recommend you metal-free fillings for a variety of reasons. Composite filling is made of glass and plastic to match the tooth’s natural color. Metal free filling are a good option because of their versatility and are …

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Healthy Metal Free Fillings: What You Need to Know

December 12, 2018 2235 Views

In the past metal free fillings were only used in anterior teeth. The materials used in these former fillings were adequate for filling cavities on non-chewing surfaces; however, they did not have the durability or strength required for molars. While they were also tooth-colored, they stained easily and did not always produce a smooth surface …

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Get Rid of Your Silver Fillings with Crowns

September 14, 2018 2791 Views

For the longest period of time silver amalgam has been used as a dental filling material. These fillings include silver, tin, and copper with mercury included as a binder to hold it all together. The fact that amalgam has great strength and durability made them the filling material of choice, particularly for molars which must …

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What are Cosmetic Fillings Made Of?

July 16, 2018 3515 Views

A cosmetic filling is a procedure that your dentist carries out to improve the aesthetics and, often, the function of your teeth. The cosmetic filling is made from various materials depending on the location of the tooth and which materials the dentist uses at your office. At Porter Dental we can also use the cosmetic …

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