See an Orthodontist to Correct Crowded Teeth

The teen years can be awkward for many, if not most, young people. Everyone is vying for their position to “fit in” with a group of peers. Years ago, getting the news that you needed braces could feel like the death knell to any chances of fitting in. Fast forward several decades and that same diagnosis from an orthodontist now comes with a variety of options other than a mouth full of metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands. In some cases, even your best friend will have a challenge knowing you are wearing braces.


The Issue of Crowded Teeth


A beautiful smile is something just about everyone would like to have. Several studies have highlighted the fact that people with nice smiles containing straight teeth are perceived in a more favorable light than those with less than perfect alignment. This perception can affect many aspects of a person’s life. When you’re a teenager, it can affect your popularity. When you’re an adult, sadly, it can affect your professional advancement.

Overlapping, twisted or crooked teeth can make a person self-conscious and inhibit their desire to smile. An unattractive smile can hinder you in attaining your highest aspirations. Crowded teeth are not just uncomfortable and sometimes painful, they may also be a stumbling block, but that block can be removed by your orthodontist.

Crowded Teeth Problems


There are several reasons why a person may experience crowded teeth. Some people have small jawbones and large teeth. Others may have experienced early loss of primary teeth due to decay or trauma. Permanent teeth may then come in overlapping or crowded. Sometimes crowding is caused by several teeth being impacted or failing to erupt normally. The orthodontist can diagnose the cause and determine the most efficient and effective method for straightening them.

Getting Options from Your Orthodontist


There are some cases in which traditional metal braces may be the most effective option. However, you won’t necessarily have to deal with a mouth full of metal. Minor crowding may be resolved with less extensive methods of straightening teeth.

Your orthodontist will give you a full dental examination to determine which straightening system will best provide the desired results. Through computer technology, even before treatment begins, you may be able to see what your rejuvenated smile will look like after orthodontic treatment.

Make a call to Porter Dental to schedule an appointment for more information. One of our orthodontists will be happy to speak with you about the options available for straightening crowded teeth. Your most beautiful smile may be only months away.