Dental implants before and after Do’s and Don’ts for the patients

Good oral health contributes to your overall strength and fitness. Either the reason is periodontal disease or any accident, missing tooth loss needs a replacement, and implants are among the most popular means used for it. However, many people have doubts about the procedure and the necessary precautions. For undergoing dental implants, before and aftercare and safety measures are essential. Furthermore, it is one technique to get a structure that functions precisely like the natural tooth. The frame fits on the jawbone and creates a secure anchor on it. There is no other method that gives similar results.

Dental implants before and after

Knowing about the Do’s and Don’ts about the pre and post-operation eases the anxiety and the fear, and the patient realizes what he will face and how he has to take oral care.

Do’s before the implant procedure.
Before the procedure, a few tests are done to ensure the person’s oral health and examine if everything is normal for the process. Generally, the preoperative analysis starts with a blood test to ensure that the patient is in sound health. Conditions like diabetes or hypertension can affect the surgery.

Secondly, the teeth are checked for infections, decay, or cavity. The treatment of these oral problems has to be a priority before starting the surgery; else, the bone that has to support the new structure will get infected. After this, few X-rays are taken that determine whether there is a need for a bone graft or the bone density is strong enough to hold the implant. Hence, the CT examination will finally provide clear and complete information about the oral condition and are the jaws ready for surgery. There is a possibility that the patient has to refrain from a few habits during the treatment time.

Don’t before the implant.
There are some habits that the individual has to avoid doing during the time the dental implant process is going on. Few of them include:

  • Avoid drinking and smoking
  • Stop eating and drinking a few hours (as recommended) before the surgery
  • Never skip the medicines as it might cause complications
  • Don’t avoid or delay the implant, as the bone starts losing its density with time

Do’s after the implant.
Properly follow the advice given by the professional team to recover quickly from the surgery. Take care while eating and drinking; avoid hot food and beverages. For a few days, you have to leave heavy exercises as it might result in heavy bleeding. Using ice packs will lessen the swelling and take care of oral hygiene. Rinse your mouth regularly with salt water will curb the infection.

Don’t after implant.
After the implant, to recover quickly, there are several things to avoid. Reduce sporty activities and stay calm and relax. Don’t have tough or hot food and drinks, and don’t use a straw, as it will damage the clot and result in bleeding. And no drinking and smoking for a few days.

Hence, these do’s and Don’ts will guide you in taking precautions for dental implants before and after the procedure. To know more, contact Porter Smiles Dental at 281 519 7200.