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At Porter Smiles Dental, we use METAL FREE FILLINGS. With advanced techniques and materials now available,
composite resin (tooth-colored plastic) fillings are not only as durable as real teeth but also look like the real thing! When smiling, metal fillings look unattractive as they are revealed. On the other hand, composite fillings look more like your natural teeth.

Metal-free fillings advantages

The resins are durable, tooth-colored fillings made from a combination of plastic and ceramic or glass. They provide a better bond with the tooth than their metal counterparts. For patients with metal allergies, composite fillings are non-allergenic and they look far better than silver fillings. In the past, composite fillings were not used on molars due to the pressure exerted on these teeth. Today’s composites are considerably stronger and more durable than those from years ago. Many people are now choosing to replace their metal fillings with the new tooth-colored composite resins.


Metal-fillings disadvantages

Metal fillings have been the most common material for tooth repairing because of their sturdiness. But they are also linked with the following problems:

  • Reactions to mercury the vapors released can cause serious damage to our teeth.
  • Water contamination dental mercury is the largest source of mercury in our wastewater which finds its way in our food.
  • Damage to teeth metal fillings shrink and contract over time and may allow bacteria to enter the tooth causing major damage to your teeth resulting in additional fillings or root canals.

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