Teeth Whitening In Porter, TX 77365

Everyone Wants a Bright Smile. Our dental team can help you erase the stains and dullness from your teeth to give you a gleaming, healthy smile. Dull, dingy teeth can add years to your appearance without you even realizing it. Teeth are stained by the foods you eat and beverages you drink. We offer in-office professional teeth whitening to remove those stains, or you may prefer our custom take-home trays. Look younger and more vibrant with whiter teeth.

Why use Porter smile dental for Teeth Whitening?

We put our patient’s oral health and comfort first. When you want a brighter smile, you can trust our experienced dental experts to provide the best possible solutions. If you’re looking for teeth whitening dentist, call us today to schedule your consultation to learn more about our teeth whitening services.

How it Works

A whitening solution is to be applied to your teeth, which contains hydrogen peroxide. This solvent penetrates through the enamel and starts the oxidation process where molecules are transformed to reflect less or no light. This makes them appear colorless, and teeth appear white. This process is extremely effective to eliminate any kind of stains and can be applied repeatedly.


Why use Professional Teeth Whitening?

You may wonder why you should invest in professional teeth whitening when so many over-the-counter products are available. Professional teeth whitening is faster, safer and more effective than home whitening products. Our trained dental professionals carefully determine the right solution for whitening your teeth while protecting your oral health. Professional teeth whitening can restore your smile long gone beauty. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your appearance.

Same day treatment

If you have an event in the next few days that you want to look your best for, then in-office professional whitening may be the best option for you. In just 90 minutes, we can make your smile shades lighter and whiter for a fabulous new smile.

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