Wisdom Teeth Extraction In Porter, TX 77365

Getting your wisdom teeth removed sounds like a terrifying experience but it might not be as bad as you think. At Porter Smiles Dental, we offer wisdom teeth extractions when these molars are impacted or causing pain. Decayed teeth may be removed when root canal therapy is not an option. When a tooth has been cracked or damaged and involves part of the structure below the gum line, it may need to come out. There are several reasons a the tooth may need to be extracted, such as:

  • Your wisdom teeth cause you pain or misery.
  • You have gum disease or tooth decay, which can make your wisdom teeth susceptible to disease or decay
    because they are difficult to get to for treatment and/or cleaning. Your mouth doesn’t have room for these extra teeth.
  • Your wisdom teeth grow in crooked or at an angle, which can push and move your nearby teeth.

Wisdom tooth removal

Occasionally, teeth may need to be removed due to overcrowding. This can happen when the jawbone is too small to accommodate all the permanent teeth or when a primary tooth has failed to fall out. For a simple tooth extraction of one molar, a local anesthetic can be used and the tooth can be pulled. However, many wisdom teeth extractions are more involved and require surgery to remove the tooth.

Why Choose Porter Smiles Dental for Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Wisdom teeth extraction is only performed when necessary, and the procedure is carried out with care and gentleness. We do our best at Porter Smiles Dental to make sure you will feel little to no discomfort if you need a tooth extracted.


Contact us

If you have not had your wisdom teeth examined, call us at 281 519 7200 for consultation. If you have children, we also encourage you to bring them in for regular checkups so that we can monitor their wisdom teeth and determine the ideal time for extraction.

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