Dentures vs. implants; which is best for you

Replacing a missing tooth is necessary; however, multiple options are available. The two common ones are dentures and implants; both options are suitable depending on the individual’s oral condition. When comparing between dentures vs. implants to make a decision, both methods have their pros and cons. losing permanent teeth is no less than a trauma, whether from an accident, any decay, disease, or injury. It affects your eating habits and has an impact on your ways of speaking and facial appearance. Read along to know the best way to replace your missing teeth by knowing dentures and implants in detail and how they impact oral health.


Dentures are a great solution to replace missing teeth; it is in use for many years. However, like implants, it is not a permanent option. Dentures are removable prosthetics that fit onto your gums. You can take it out at any time. These prosthetics are custom made after taking exact measurements of your mouth. After fitting them, you will need some time to get used to them. Different varieties are available; the suitable one for you will fit in. Usually, there are three types of dentures;

  • A partial denture replaces few teeth lost. It is suitable for people who have lost some, not all, of their teeth. It does not cover the natural teeth, just fills in the gaps.
  • Immediate full dentures are another type; they are put in immediately after the tooth removal. However, they might need a recreation after your mouth has healed as per the new measurement.
  • The third type of denture, a conventional full denture, is the complete set of teeth. They are suitable for people who have no teeth and only fit after the mouth completely heals.

Dental Implants

An implant is a permanent solution to replace teeth. It gives teeth that appear and function similarly to natural ones and are long-lasting. The custom made tooth inserts tightly onto the jaws and took the same position as natural teeth. It requires a strong jawbone to hold the implant.

Dentures vs. Implants

There are many differences between both in terms of price, easiness, and flexibility. Implants are an expensive option but a permanent solution in comparison with dentures. So if you are looking for a cost-effective way, opt for dentures. Secondly, implants are more easy and comfortable. After going through a one-time lengthy procedure of multiple appointments, you take care of them like natural teeth. There is no extra need for extra maintenance. Wearing dentures is uncomfortable, and initially, they feel too bulky. You have to be careful with dentures while eating, as they might slip until you get used to them, especially when it’s sticky and chewy food. Dentures need ongoing maintenance, and you have to visit the clinic regularly.

Besides, implants are forever and need care like natural teeth. Maintaining hygiene is necessary; however, you don’t need to worry about visiting the clinic frequently. To know more about dentures vs. implants, contact the team at Porter Smiles Dental. Call us at 281-519-7200 to schedule your appointment.