Do You Have Cavity Under A Dental Crown?

Cavities are not loyal and can happen anywhere in the mouth. If you notice cavity in hard to reach areas such as under a crown, it is time to act quickly. Taking timely measure is necessary to ensure that the problem does not turn into a big disaster. Ignoring it might then require additional repair work or may cause the tooth to fall. 


Symptoms of Cavity under a Crown 


Usually, a decay happens under an older crown due to breakage in the seal or bond of the crown. Cavity under the crown is very similar to regular cavities of a tooth. The area becomes weak, and you start to feel pain. 


When plaque builds up on the gum line and there is a delay in removing it, it eats the protective layer of your tooth. This weakens the tooth structure and leads to rotting. The process is painful and may require you to replace the crown. 


How to Identify the Cavity under Crown? 


The biggest issue in this situation is that when you realize a pain under a crown and have slightest of an idea about a cavity, it is already too late. This is because cavity at its initial will not cause any pain and keep on growing until it is too late. Therefore, the only solution to prevent it from happening is to follow these simple steps. 


Regular dental checkups


It is the best way to tackle this situation. Having regular dental checkups can keep you updated regarding your oral health. And it becomes even more important after having a crown. Your dentist can make you aware of the condition of your crown and watch out for tooth decay. 


Get a Cavity X-Ray


Getting a cavity x-ray is a great way to know the condition of the tooth under the crown. Now your dentist can identify the cavities right away and suggest a treatment. 


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