Does Bulimia Affect Teeth?

Bulimia is an eating disorder in which people consume large amounts of food and end up eating way more than their body needs. As a result, they can sometimes face indigestion and heartburn. Then to clear out the symptoms or to get rid of the extra calories they throw up, fast, or get involved in some other ‘purging’ behavior such as rigorous exercises. This constant cycle of overeating and purging affects the heart, kidneys, and other organs. But bulimia can also cause significant damage to your teeth.

Let us have a look at how bulimia can be bad for your teeth.  


Frequent vomiting can be bad for your teeth. Vomit is very toxic as it contains stomach acids. These acids are corrosive, and when they reach your mouth, they can erode the tooth enamel that protects your teeth. After vomiting, people often brush too hard to get rid of the residues, not realizing that it also leads to tooth decay. Having a tooth decay can cause the gums to bleed when you brush. If you don’t get your cavity filled, the hole can grow big, and you might eventually lose the tooth.

Yellow teeth

Tooth erosion can also change the color and texture of your teeth. Your teeth might turn yellow and maybe weaker and brittle. Because of the weakness, your teeth might chip easily and look worn out at the bottom. Moreover, bulimia can also change the length and shape of your teeth.

Mouth sores

Just like the stomach acid can wear away the tooth enamel, it can also damage the skin on the roof and sides of your mouth. It can result in painful sores inside your mouth and throat. The worst thing happens for some people, and they feel like having a constant sore throat.

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