Everything you should know about Full mouth extraction

People avoid visiting the dentist due to fear or other reasons. However, teeth are one part of the body that can’t cure themselves. So, delaying the visit makes things worst; bacteria develop infections, spreading, causing toothache and sensitivity. The situation worsens to the point that you have no option but to get a dental checkup. There is a possibility that you have to undergo a full mouth extraction. The news might be a nightmare, losing all permanent set together; however, no other option remains. So, let’s find out how to proceed and how the individual can tackle the situation.

Full mouth extraction

It seems to be scary; however, modern procedures and sedation make the process comfortable and easy. Depending on the patient’s situation, the extraction process can occur in two or several sittings. A few precautions are necessary during the treatment, both before and after tooth removal. Usually, it takes more than one appointment, and the person has to take pain killers after the extraction.

Reasons for full mouth extraction

A full mouth extraction occurs when the gum disease has extended to the point that there is no way of saving the teeth. Such a situation can be due to negligence of oral hygiene, underlying health conditions, chain-smoking, an unhealthy diet, or genetic deformity. Along with physical health, these also affect the person’s oral health. If you are suffering from any of these underlying conditions, it is better to visit your practitioner and get the treatment.

Few necessary precautions to take

Before the surgery
First, your full mouth is thoroughly checked, and depending on your condition, we will plan out a denture or a full bridge. As the surgery is complicated and you have to take medicines and sedation, you have to fast for a few hours before starting the extraction.

During the surgery
Anesthesia gives a comfortable experience, and depending on your condition; the drowsiness levels may vary. It is possible that you stay awake and know what is happening around you, but lose the sense of pain for a while. On the other hand, a higher dose puts the patient in a deep sleep.

After the extraction
The time is critical and proper care is necessary so that the exposed area heals quickly. Don’t smoke or eat any hard food that requires biting and chewing for the next few days. Try not to touch the clot as it might tear, resulting in profuse bleeding. Moreover, avoid using a straw and having small quantities of beverages directly from your cup. You need to rest and ask someone to drive you back home, as due to sedation, you might be feeling dizzy for a few hours. Don’t indulge in heavy exercise for a few days as it might increase bleeding, and take good care of yourself.

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