Get Rid of Your Silver Fillings with Crowns

For the longest period of time silver amalgam has been used as a dental filling material. These fillings include silver, tin, and copper with mercury included as a binder to hold it all together. The fact that amalgam has great strength and durability made them the filling material of choice, particularly for molars which must withstand over 150 pounds of pressure while chewing. Now, all that is beginning to change as people choose crowns over silver fillings.

Some people have metal allergies which cause health problems. As we all know mercury is not good for you, even though it’s been said that the small amount used in dental restorations is not harmful. Certainly, amalgam fillings are not esthetically pleasing. Cavities filled with silver fillings stand out, if not when you smile when you laugh or sing with abandon. Anytime your mouth is wide open, those silver fillings show; however, there’s an alternative which can make your entire mouth look pristine!

Why Replace Metal Fillings?

Even if you don’t have metal allergies, amalgam fillings do not look appealing. Many times amalgam fillings in molars are rather large. Replacing these fillings with crowns not only makes the teeth look better, but it also adds protection to the healthy tooth.

Amalgam fillings take a lot of wear and tear through the years. Over time they may lose their integrity and leave small areas where bacteria can build up. Soon decay sets in and if not treated quickly the decay will spread. At the very least, replacement of the filling will entail an even larger filling. At the worst, if the decay is not treated, the tooth can become infected. In this scenario, the tooth may need root canal therapy if it can be salvaged or it will need to be extracted if it cannot be saved.

Crowns Look Better and Add Protection

Ceramic and acrylic crowns are tooth colored and look and feel more like your natural tooth. When you replace amalgam fillings with crowns you have an aesthetically pleasing look. Now you can sing, smile and laugh with your mouth wide open and there will be no signs of dental work. With crowns, your teeth look as if they had never been touched by a dentist.

Crowns add protection also. They are permanently cemented to the tooth. With proper oral hygiene, your teeth will remain healthy for a long time to come because the entire visible part of the tooth is covered. No worries about fillings coming loose or cavities forming around the edge.

If you have large silver fillings, contact Porter Dental for more information about replacing them with crowns. Find out how you can have a beautiful smile with no tell-tale signs of dental work.