Have You Ever Thought Of Using Partial Braces?

The ideal initial age for kids to get a full set of braces is in their early teenage years. Therefore, before that, many dentists use partial braces to treat minor orthodontic issues in kids.

What Are Partial Braces? 

Partial braces are placed on the upper or lower front teeth and provide minor correction to misaligned or crooked teeth. They are slightly different from adult braces in terms of placement. Unlike adult braces, their brackets sit on the front four or six teeth and the brackets on back molar anchor the wire that pulls the front teeth to bring them in line.

These braces usually take a small amount of time, usually for 10 to 12 months to bring the teeth into the correct position. After this treatment, kids go for a full set of braces once most of the adult teeth pop up. Partial braces make it easier to straighten the teeth in later stages.

What Issues Do Partial Braces Address?

Crowded Teeth – Sometimes, the front teeth of your child become crowded because their adult teeth might be coming in incorrectly; this disturbs, the position of top or bottom teeth. These braces help to create some space for the crowded teeth to come into place.

Spacing Issues – Many kids have too much gap between their teeth or their teeth become crowded. It happens because either they have too much or too little room in their mouth for their teeth. 

Crossbites – Crossbites occur if either the top or bottom jaw do not line up with the rest of the jaw when the mouth is closed. Crossbites can create problems in eating or chewing. These braces pull back the teeth to align them and fix the bite.

If your child has any of the issues mentioned above, consider getting partial braces for early treatment. Call Porter Smiles Dental on 281-519-7200 and make an appointment with us.