How Does It Feel Like Eating With Dentures?

When you get your dentures for the first time, you might feel like your mouth is completely packed or is continuously pulled by something. But do not worry, you will get used to it within one or two weeks; be able to take your diet as before. Although dentures are an excellent alternative to natural teeth, eating with them is not the same as it is with natural teeth.

The first difference you might feel will be in terms of taste and sensitivity. Some food might not taste the same, and you might add some extra toppings or spices to bring back the lost treasure. Also, you might face less sensitivity towards hard objects and bite onto with additional force, which can also break the dentures.

How to eat with dentures?

Eat slowly- It will take time for your mouth to adjust; therefore, eat slowly at the start and in small quantities. Try to cut food into smaller pieces or stripes so that they are easy to chew.

Avoid certain food items- Avoid hard to bite and sticky foods like pretzels, bagels, nuts, steaks, chewing gum. They can misalign your dentures and cause gum soreness. Also, stay away from hot food items.

Preferable food items- Go for soft and easy to chew foods such as yogurt, cereals, pasta, boiled vegetable, pancakes, etc.

Avoid using front teeth- when you have your dentures on, avoid biting at the front of your teeth as it can misalign the dentures, resulting in gum soreness. If it is necessary to bite, do so using your canine tooth.

After a few weeks, you will get more comfortable eating with dentures and return to your normal eating habits. But somehow, you will still need to be careful while biting on hard items as they can damage the dentures.

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