How long does teeth whitening last?

Imagine why the models and actors look so appealing and confident not only on screen but also when they give a public appearance. Their stunning look, sparkling teeth, and trending clothing styles provide them with this courage. They spend much on maintaining their physical self and dazzling smiles. You can have the same fantastic smile by trying out the teeth whitening treatment. When professionally done, it cleans and bleaches the teeth giving them a great look. However, many wonder how long does teeth whitening last? It depends on the aftercare, but the difference is noteworthy.

How long does teeth whitening last when done by professionals?

Teeth whitening is one of the most common practices at the dental clinic. Though, there is no fixed time as to when it will last. For a few people, it stays for years while in others, not even months. The time depends on various habits and oral hygienic conditions. People who have a habit of smoking or drinking fizzy or teeth staining drinks lose their whitening effect in months unless they brush regularly. The same goes for eating dark color food such as berries and beetroot. Though, proper brushing will clean the strains and maintain the whiteness for a longer time.

Factors for teeth discoloration

A professional teeth whitening procedure shows excellent results in comparison with the one done at home. It gives brightness to the teeth, maintaining their natural look. Furthermore, a few factors that contribute to discoloration of teeth are;

  • Our eating and drinking habits and negligence of oral hygiene, as we discussed above
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Avoiding routine dental visits and cleaning
  • Few medicines that leave a stain behind or certain medical conditions that affect the enamel.
  • Age is also one of the factors as growing older makes our teeth pale yellowish or brownish.
  • Severe trauma, fights, or accident can affect the appearance of teeth and make them dull
  • Genetics also plays a vital role in giving color to the enamel

Professional teeth whitening techniques

Several ways are used for professional teeth whitening at the dental clinic. The simplest method uses a hydrogen peroxide solution; the liquid gradually enters the enamel and starts oxidizing. Finally, the result is sparkling white teeth, but having a natural look. Another way is a laser treatment that also shows positive results. The cover is placed on the lips and gums to continue the procedure, and then teeth are coated with a gel. The laser activates the bleaching agent and whitens your teeth. If we look around, many treatments are available to whiten your teeth, but wisely select the most suitable one.

Hence, after undergoing the procedure, how long does teeth whitening last depends entirely on the individual. We are here to provide professional services to maintain your smile and confidence. Contact Porter Smiles Dental at  281 519 7200 to schedule your appointment.