How to Control Bleeding After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is a serious surgery and requires proper aftercare for healthy healing. Bleeding and swelling are very common after-effects of wisdom tooth removal. However, follow the instructions of your dentist to minimize the unnecessary pain and risks of infections. 

Things to Follow Immediately After Wisdom Tooth Removal 

  • Keep the gauze pack placed over the surgical site in position and replace it as needed
  • Also, start taking the prescribed medicines
  • Avoid chewing foods even if the tongue sensation returns after the numbness
  • Place ice packs on the side of the face



  • Bleeding after wisdom tooth removal is very common, and you might ooze blood for 24-48 hours after removal.
  • To control the bleeding, place the gauze over the area, and bite firmly. Replace the gauze pack as needed.
  • Black tea contains tannic acid, which helps to form a clot by restricting bleeding vessels. Bite onto moistened tea bag for around 30 minutes as it might help to stop the bleeding.
  • To remove the blood from your mouth, just let it drip into the sink, do not rinse or spit, and it can result in bleeding.
  • Also avoid sucking through the straw, as it can damage the blood clot, and bleeding might start again



Swelling is very common after tooth removal surgery. However, it can be reduced with the use of ice packs. Apply the ice packs to the side of the face where the tooth was removed and use it continuously for the first 36 hours.


Take the medicines prescribed by your surgeon. However, if the pain is mild, you may switch to over the counter pain killers.

Following these instructions can help to ease your post-surgery period and lead to a fast recovery. However, if the bleeding is rigorous and the pain worsens even after days, immediately call Porter Smiles Dental on 281-519-7200 and book an appointment with us.