Is it safe to have Root canals while pregnant?

It is a fact that in the real world, we are so busy with our daily schedules that taking time out to visit the dentist is difficult. However, we don’t feel the need until some significant change takes place like pregnancy. It is a time when taking care of both physical and oral health is necessary for a woman. As the child grows in the womb, a sufficient amount of calcium and other nutrients travel from a mother’s blood to the baby; hence, the mother’s risk of dental issues and infections increases. So, let’s discuss the possibility of having root canals while pregnant and if it’s safe?

Every woman is different, and so are her needs during pregnancy. Hence, it is better to check with your doctor and take his advice before undergoing dental procedures. Scientific technology has made procedures so easy and effective that the root canal is an entirely safe method. However, waiting for nine months with an infected tooth can be a nightmare. There is a chance that afterward, the case would worsen to the extent that the mother has to go for tooth extraction. The following are a few considerations that might bother pregnant women, but they will not affect the baby unless complications appear.

Is oral X-Ray safe

Women hesitate to get an oral X-ray before the root canal as they think the rays might affect the baby’s development phase. This is not true; the machine that emits the rays during X-Ray has much lesser radiation compared to the past times. To add more protection, most clinics cover the neck and the abdominal areas with a lead apron so that the rays don’t penetrate to any other parts. This all makes it completely safe and secure for both the mother and baby.

Best time of having a root canal during pregnancy

It is safe to have a root canal at any time during the nine months; however, the best time is the second trimester. Most women suffer from nausea during the first few months. It is a time when they are not even able to eat many things and get different cravings. Hence, having dental treatment at this time would be the last thing to do. Besides, if we talk of the thirst trimester, women are not comfortable, and sitting for so many hours in the dental chair is difficult. Therefore the middle months are best for it.

Try not to delay the treatment as it can worsen in the mouth and lead to an emergency. After delivering the baby, there would be many other chores to manage, so taking out time would be much more difficult. Another primary reason is that the infection spreading in your gums may enter the bloodstream, causing complications. This can even affect the baby’s development and delivery time. Hence avoid such risk and get done your root canals while pregnant. To schedule your dental treatment, contact Porter Smiles Dental at 281 519 7200.