Healthy Metal Free Fillings: What You Need to Know

In the past metal free fillings were only used in anterior teeth. The materials used in these former fillings were adequate for filling cavities on non-chewing surfaces; however, they did not have the durability or strength required for molars. While they were also tooth-colored, they stained easily and did not always produce a smooth surface when compared to the natural part of the tooth. Today’s metal free fillings are very different.

Sound Structure and Durability

Due to advancements in dental technology and materials, the composites used in metal free fillings today are of superior quality when compared to those of the early days of composites. More dentists are using these resin fillings in back teeth. They have improved durability and strength in some cases matching that of their silver amalgam counterparts. Not only do metal free fillings look better, they also feel better than those of bygone years. Now composite fillings can be polished so smooth the difference between the natural tooth and filling is imperceptible.

Replacing Metal Fillings with Metal Free Fillings

There are aesthetic reasons for replacing your metal fillings with composites; your smile will look bright and natural no matter how jolly your laugh may be when all your fillings are tooth colored. Additionally, metal free fillings are safer and for those who have metal allergies they are not irritating.

If you have metal fillings that you would like to get replaced with metal free fillings give us a call at Porter Dental. We would be happy to improve your smile with beautiful, durable composite fillings. Schedule your appointment with us today.