Pain Under the Dental Crown

If you have ever undergone a dental treatment, keep in mind that those teeth can start to hurt again. This is because the toothaches you feel aren’t from nerves inside the teeth; they are from the dental nerve in the gums. If you have a dental crown on top of a tooth stub and the tooth is still alive, you may feel pain under it if bacteria attack it.

If your teeth have been root canaled, filled, or have some missing parts, you will need a dental crown. The reasons for missing parts can be a trauma to the mouth, or due to advanced tooth decay. By getting a dental crown, the tooth can return to its normal function, and can now take part in biting, chewing, and speech. The dental crown also insulates the dental nerve against the outside world forces, to which the dental nerve reacts to pain. The crown covers the nerve and prevents toothaches, but dental crowns and the tooth stubs under them can change.

The pain strikes

If the dental crown has shifted and leaves the tooth stub exposed, or even worse, is pushing down on the dental nerve, the slightest amount of pressure or change in temperature can send intense pain signals. The problems that occur to regular teeth can also happen to tooth stubs. This means they can get infected, be broken, and become sensitive if the enamel is worn off. So if the tooth stub is alive, you may feel pain under the dental crown. If this happens, it is not very good news.

If you find yourself in this painful situation, don’t wait for things to get better. It is good to see your dentist as soon as possible. To book an appointment with Porter Smiles Dental call at 281 519 7200.