Some Dental Related Steps Should A Soon To Be Mother Take?

Dental care during pregnancy is essential for the health of the fetus. If a mother has gum disease, plaque, or poor oral hygiene, there may be a large number of bacteria accumulated within the mouth. If this bacteria enters the bloodstream, it will directly affect the fetus. The child, upon birth, can be weak and underweight as a result.

Even after the child is born, the mother may transmit bacteria, during feeding, by sharing spoons with the baby or tasting the baby’s food beforehand. Developing good oral habits during your pregnancy is essential to your child’s oral habits at a young age. Remember to floss regularly, and brush twice a day. Oral hygiene during pregnancy is vital in preventing premature labor.

What toothpaste do you use is an essential question to ask. Regular toothpaste may not be as helpful for your gums as fluoride toothpaste. If you have not switched yet, this may be the time. It is normal to experience vomiting and nausea during pregnancy. To prevent dental erosion, do not brush for an hour after you have vomited.

Your baby’s dental health depends on your diet. Sodas, juices, sugar, drinks, and acidic food is harmful to your baby. Instead, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Your consumption of water is just as important. Drink at least 6-7 glasses a day.

Dental checkups are necessary, especially during your early days of pregnancy; your dentist may be able to help you prevent gum diseases that may be harmful to your child. Remember to ask your dentist which treatments are safe for you and your child.

If you are pregnant and are not sure about your dental health, book an appointment at Porter Smiles Dental by calling us at 281 519 7200. Our team of specialists is available to assist you. Remember, you need to get your child checked as soon as their first teeth begin to erupt. The sooner the visit, the better it will be for your child’s dental health.