Stainless Steel Crowns- How do they help?

Stainless steel crowns are caps made of steel. They fit the exact size of the tooth and covers it entirely to prevent further decays. Dentists use them for a variety of treatments. Such as, to repair a decayed back tooth, broken or fractured tooth crown, abnormal teeth, or if dental caries have severely damaged a tooth.

Steel crowns are temporary; when the primary tooth comes out for permanent tooth to come in, steel crowns automatically pop out with them.

Another good side of using stainless steel crowns is that they do not require extensive care and multiple visits to the dentist. That is why they are mostly used and suitable for children.

Benefits of using stainless steel crowns

They perfectly fit the size of the tooth, and therefore it is difficult to lose or damage them. They have a smoothly polished surface, so it is very easy to clean them. Steel crowns have a long life and can last up to four years. Some other benefits are

  • A better option than removing a decayed tooth
  • Made up of safe metals
  • Simple to apply and maintain
  • Unlike most dental treatments, they are inexpensive
  • Have a very high success rate
  • Makes a severely damaged tooth capable of repairing

Post-procedure affects and care?

  • Make sure that the child does not bite on the tongue or lips due to numbness.
  • When the numbness fades away, the biting may feel odd, and the child might face some pain. For this, the dentist might recommend some painkillers.
  • Take soft and easy to chew foods and avoid sticky food items for a few days.
  • To ease the gum irritation, make sure to regularly brush and floss. At the start, the gums around the crown may bleed, but it will get better after a few days.

If you feel that your child has damaged teeth and may need stainless steel crowns, call Porter Smiles Dental on 281 519 7200 and book an appointment with us.