Tips for Talking to Your Child About Orthodontics

The field of orthodontics has changed greatly over the years. There are more options available for straightening teeth than ever before. While metal braces are still the standard for more complicated cases, there are other options available for kids 16 and up. Younger kids may have some exciting options available also.

Getting Used to the Idea of Orthodontic Treatment

The prospect of getting their teeth straightened is not always a welcome one with youngsters, though many see it as a rite of passage and may even look forward to it. If you’ve been advised that your child needs orthodontics to be prepared. Kids who like the idea may only want basic information. More reluctant kids will have a variety of questions. Some may have a fear of what they will look like with braces and many kids worry about whether they will hurt.

Talk with your child’s dentist to get a realistic idea of what can be expected for the type of orthodontic treatment your child will undergo. Be affirming and encouraging with your child about the need for the procedure and the outcome. Fortunately, many of the new procedures use computer technology to let orthodontic patients see what they will look like at the end of treatment.

Be a Good Listener and Supporter

Your child may have some complaints, particularly if the orthodontics require dietary changes. Be patient and encouraging. Good oral hygiene habits are necessary in order to reduce the possibility of cavities and gum problems during orthodontic treatment. You may have to enforce some rules, but at the same time, be understanding.

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