Turmeric teeth whitening, an effective way for a bright smile

Bright white teeth result in a fantastic look and smile; teeth whitening play a role in giving this brilliant look. There is no doubt that professional whitening services provide the best results; however, few DIY work out for temporary solutions. One of the prominent solutions used commonly is turmeric teeth whitening. This Indian herb has many natural benefits, and its use in herbal products gives good results. Over many years people are using this spice in whitening therapies for teeth and the face.

Role of turmeric in oral health

The spice had antimicrobial properties. It acts as a cleansing agent for the gums and removes impurities. When used as whitening, it cleans the teeth and jaws naturally and removes the strains and impurities. Its anti-inflammatory properties benefit oral health. This spice originates from the ginger family and is mildly abrasive. The natural properties of turmeric fight oral health conditions. Moreover, its use in food gives a great taste and color. Turmeric is good for health and is used in many recipes.

How to use turmeric for teeth whitening?

Naturally, turmeric has many benefits. Along with oral health, the regular use of spice helps control heart diseases, cancer, and many other severe conditions. Moreover, it boosts the brain’s hormones that fight multiple infections in the body and promote health. When used for teeth whitening, few ways of using turmeric are as follows:

  • Mixing the spice with some oil like coconut oil and applying on the teeth for some time. The method is also useful to remove bad breath and treat dry mouth conditions. Leaving the mixture for some time with result in cleaner teeth. However, you have to repeat the process for few days to get whiter teeth.
  • People also chew the turmeric root to whiten their teeth. The method is ancient and not much in use today. It takes a lot of time, and you have to chew the root by each tooth one by one for some time. The spit and rinse your mouth.
  • The most common method in use as DIY is to prepare the paste. Add turmeric powder, baking soda, and coconut oil together, mix and apply on your teeth. The taste might be unpleasant for many, but its continuous use will give whiter teeth and remove stains. You can use a brush to scrub the solution on your teeth for few minutes and then spit and rinse with water.

All these methods will clean your teeth; however, for noticeable whitening results, opt for professional teeth whitening services. It is the safest and quickest way to get your desired results. The method has no side effects and lasts much longer with proper hygiene and care. Using a DIY solution can have few side effects. Moreover, if you suffer from any health condition, it is better to consult the oral health practitioner before using turmeric in such a vast quantity.

Despite turmeric teeth whitening being a natural product, it is better to talk to us for the best advice. Contact the team at Porter Smiles Dental. You can call us at 281-519-7200 to schedule your appointment.