What Are Bite Turbos?

Bite turbos are small pads or ramps made of acrylic or metal. Usually, they get bonded to the backside of upper front teeth or on the chewing side of any back teeth. Bite turbos come in a variety of colors like red, blue, or metallic. They act as a speed breaker between the teeth to stop a patient from biting all the way down. Or allow your teeth to move without bumping into each other. 

Why do you need them?   

Bite turbos can address a variety of dental issues. When you bite on a bite turbo, you exert specific pressure on the teeth, which can help patients who have an overbite. Bite turbos also treat deep bite and improper teeth movement.

Wearing bite turbos with braces

Wearing braces can bring a lot of biting issues to the table. When your top teeth get into contact with lower braces, you might run into two problems. One, there is a good chance that your bottom teeth might break or misalign. It a very unpleasant situation; the pressure exerted by top teeth can displace the lower teeth instead of aligning them. And two, the overbite can lead to damage to the bottom braces and brackets. Here’s when the turbos come to rescue, their use can make it easy to wear the braces.

Are you having trouble biting together? 

When you first get your bite turbos on the front teeth, your back teeth will not come together completely when you chew. And when placed on the back teeth, your front teeth will not touch. However, it is a temporary situation, and eating soft food will allow you to tolerate this type of bite. It might also affect your speech, but you will be able to speak normally within a week.

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