What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Are you wondering about the benefits Invisalign aligners have to offer you? Let’s take a look at them all!


Without any second thought, one of the hardest things to get used to with traditional braces is the food restrictions. Because you can remove the Invisalign at mealtimes, you’ll still be able to eat everything such as popcorn, nuts, apples, candy, and chips. But remember to brush and floss afterward. You will never have to sacrifice your favorite dish for a straighter smile with Invisalign treatment!

Brushing is a Breeze

A good dental hygiene routine is always important, but metal braces can make brushing and flossing a little hard. These aligners are removed before brushing, so taking care of your teeth and gums is no more difficult than ever.


Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners don’t have any wires or uncomfortable metal brackets that can irritate your mouth, gums, or cheeks. Comfort is a real success factor here.


Provided you wear your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours daily, treatment with this system can be as effective as traditional metal braces. Invisalign is effective in treating most mild to moderate dental issues such as underbite, overbite, overcrowding, and teeth gaps. Porter Smiles Dental offers a free initial consultation, so we’ll let you know if you’re a good fit for this treatment or not.

Style factor

The invisibility factor is one of the top benefits Invisalign offers. This makes the treatment very unnoticeable, which can be a big benefit for anyone feeling self-conscious about straightening their smile. Removability is another huge plus. You can easily remove your aligners for short periods for weddings, pictures, prom, and any other special event where you’d prefer to show off nothing more than your natural smile!

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