What Foods Are Acidic For Teeth?

Many of us relish the taste of fruits—they’re juicy, flavorful, and packed with vitamin C. However, some of them can be highly acidic. Consuming acidic foods frequently can threaten dental health.

The acid in these foods can erode the protective layer on your teeth, leading to sensitivity and potential damage. But you can still enjoy your favorite fruits and stay on top of your dental game. You must understand what foods are acidic for teeth and when to consume them.

How to Measure the Acidity in Foods?

The pH scale tells us how acidic or alkaline something is, ranging from 0 to 14. If a substance has a pH below 7, it’s acidic; if it’s above 7, it’s alkaline.

When you’re not eating or drinking, your saliva should be 6.5 to 7.5 on the pH scale—right in the middle. This helps keep your teeth safe from acid that can wear away the protective layer and cause cavities.

How to Stop Acid Erosion on Teeth?

Watching what you eat is the best way to avoid enamel erosion due to excessive acid. If you’re munching on citrusy, fizzy, or sour stuff, try not to have too much of it.

Healthy foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits have acids that can harm your teeth, so it’s best to eat them with other foods instead of alone. Dried fruits, like raisins, can also be a problem because they stick to your teeth, letting acid attack them for longer.

But the biggest troublemaker is soft drinks, especially soda and sports drinks. Even if they’re sugar-free, the bubbles in them make them more acidic, which isn’t great for your teeth. And watch out for citrusy flavors in drinks like lemonade—they’re also high in acid.

And if you love sour candies, be careful. Some of them are super acidic and can damage your teeth. It’s best to enjoy them in moderation.

Non- Acidic Food Options for Optimal Dental Health

If you want to go easy on your teeth, try eating more of the following foods:

  • Fresh veggies and fruits
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Soy products like miso, soybeans, tempeh, and tofu
  • Plain yogurt with no added sugar
  • Milk
  • Potatoes
  • Herbs and spices (except for salt, nutmeg, and mustard)
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Whole grains like quinoa, amaranth, and millet
  • Herbal teas

Tips to Reduce Mouth Acidity

Following are some easy tricks to keep your teeth healthy even if you love acidic foods:

  • Don’t suck on lemons, limes, or any super acidic fruit. It can weaken your teeth.
  • Drink fruit juices with a straw to keep them away from your teeth.
  • After eating fruit, rinse your mouth with water to wash away acids, and wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste to keep your enamel strong.
  • Snack on cheese after eating fruit. It helps balance the acids in your mouth and makes more saliva, which is good for your teeth.

Final Word

The best care you can do for your teeth is to recognize what foods are acidic for teeth and consume them in moderate quantities. Furthermore, you can adhere to routine dental checkups.

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