Which is more Suitable, Root Canal, or Implant?

Whether your favorite bar of chocolate or a deep-dish pizza, you need a healthy pair of teeth to bite, chew, and enjoy your meal. But, what if, due to an accident or trauma, the teeth damage and are at risk of falling. The first thing to do is get the treatment; in such cases, root canal or Implant are two options available; however, the choice depends on oral conditions. Teeth with an injury need treatment; otherwise, the infection can spread further ahead, spoiling all the other ones on the way. The root canal treats the infected pulp within the teeth; however, if the situation worsens, extraction followed by Implant will solve the problem.

Root canal procedure

The tooth structure has pulp and blood vessels inside; hence, the infection spreads inside, exposing the nerves in case of damage. During the root canal, the infected pulp is removed using special dental tools, and then the opening is packed with a sealant. The material fills up the tooth in a way that the structure builds back. A crown fixes on top of the enamel to safeguard the filling and protect further damage.

Dental Implants procedure

In a few situations, the tooth damages to such an extent that removal is essential. So, the person has to have an implant to fill in the missing socket. A titanium device is placed in the bone to hold the artificial tooth structure firmly onto the gums during the procedure. However, before starting the treatment, bone density is checked; if insufficient, a graft is necessary. The process is lengthy but gives excellent results. After bone grafting, the gum gets the strength to hold the new structure on it.

Root canal or Implant

When it comes to making choices, both have pros and cons. A root canal is less expensive than Implant and saves the natural tooth. However, despite being a lengthy process, Implant results in a tooth that functions like a natural tooth. A root canal does not require much time, but there is a chance that after a few years, the infection spreads again, and eventually, the tooth falls. One of the significant drawbacks of the Implant is that it is an expensive procedure, as it involves several dental visits along with other costs. The healing time is lengthier in Implant and may extend to several months.

When you visit the clinic for a checkup, the root canal or Implant decision will entirely depend on your oral health. If possible, the root canal will be the priority as it will save your natural tooth unless the condition is worst. So, teeth extraction will occur, followed by a dental Implant in a few months, depending on oral health. To know more about these procedures, contact Porter Smiles Dental. We treat all kinds of oral health issues providing a comfortable environment for you and your whole family. Call us at 281 519 7200 to schedule your appointment.