Why Should Children Go To The Dentist Every 6 Months?

You may have heard most dentists recommend children to get regular dental checkups every six months. But the question arises that is it really necessary? The answer, for the most part, is yes. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), children should visit a dentist during the first year of their life or when their baby teeth begin to erupt. Read ahead to understand the importance of routine dental checkups for children.


What is The Right Age to Visit a Dentist?

Typically, children start to develop teeth around the age of six months. The first teeth to erupt are the primary incisors. At this age, it is ideal taking your child for a dental visit so that we can monitor the development of their teeth and jawbone. Rest assured that the examination during this process is entirely safe and does not involve dental x-rays or invasive equipment. We will only use a mouth mirror to look around your child’s oral cavity. If there are any particular concerns, we will discuss the best solutions for healthy teeth development.


Importance of Six Monthly Dental Visits

Bringing your kids for a dental checkup at an early age has many advantages. It not only benefits children but also helps parents to understand the oral health of their child better.


Monitoring Eruption Pattern

An important component of visiting a dentist every six months is to track their eruption pattern and tooth development. If the primary teeth are erupting in a regular way without overlapping each other, it ensures proper development. Regular dental visits also help to keep an eye on stubborn baby teeth that need to be removed by tooth extraction to make space for underlying permanent teeth.

Preventing Dental Issues

Baby teeth are more prone to develop cavities because they have a weaker structure than permanent teeth. Other factors such as high sugar intake, bottle feeding, or lack of proper oral hygiene in children also account for tooth decay. Getting regular dental checkups every 6 months can help to catch early signs of dental cavities and prevent them in the long run. Our dentists may recommend preventive oral care for children, which includes dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, and dental sealants to eliminate the risk of dental caries.

Familiarizing with Dentists

The majority of the children are scared of going to the dentist. Although convincing them about their first dental appointment can be difficult, they will feel relaxed once they experience comfortable oral care. Six monthly dental visits help children become familiar with their dentists and dental setup. It also promotes a positive mindset regarding preventive treatments so they do feel anxious when going through a dental procedure.

Practicing Healthy Habits

Children are often reluctant to follow oral hygiene instructions as told by their parents. Our dentists will guide children through routine dental checkups about proper brushing and flossing techniques to help them establish healthy oral care habits. Instilling good habits from an early age is of prime importance to maintain optimum oral health for the long-term.


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