Wondering How To Stop Braces Pain? Try These 9 Tips & Tricks!

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘no pain, no gain’ — and in most cases, it’s a term that best fits dental braces. That’s because despite being slightly painful, braces help to align your teeth into the perfect smile.

However, rather than it being pure agonizing pain, it’s just bouts of discomfort as your teeth slowly shift from their original position to their newly straightened shape.

But for some, dental pain can be a big nuisance, no matter how muted the pain is. That is why in this blog, we’ve listed out nine ways to stop braces pain. So, why not give it a read?

How To Stop Braces Pain?

There are essentially numerous ways to divert toothache derived from dental braces. What really matters, though, is the different levels of pain tolerance every individual has. For instance, some people don’t feel anything with braces on. In comparison, others can feel an intense bout of sharp pain.

But it’s important to keep in mind that your teeth will be sore during the initial days of getting braces. Putting a stop to that can be a bit difficult, but you can try the following tips and tricks instead:

Apply Oral Anesthetic Creams or Gels

Oral anesthetic creams work great for braces pain relief. Simply apply a small amount of it directly on your teeth and gums with clean fingers to soothe the ache.

Take Pain Relief Medicines

Over-the-counter medications work great for relieving pain. You can even prepare beforehand by having a painkiller before the dental appointment and then after it. This will help to minimize the pain, significantly causing relief.

Apply An Ice Pack

Ice packs work great to numb and soothe the pain. If you feel like your braces are itchy or hurt too much, apply an ice pack to reduce the ache.

Stick to Iced or Cold Drinks

Rather than reaching for warm beverages like coffee, tea, or soup, stick to iced cold drinks. This will provide you with immense relief, minimizing the brace’s pain.

Switch Up Your Diet To Soft Foods

As tempting as it is to grab your favorite snacks, it’s best to refrain from irritating the metal wires. Instead, mold your diet by including more soft foods that are easier to bite and chew.

Apply Orthodontic Wax

Your dentist will most likely equip you with orthodontic wax since it’s a handy tool to have. The main purpose of the wax is to apply it on the metal wires of the braces, keeping it from poking into your cheeks and lips.

Rinse Mouth With A Salt Water Solution

When in doubt, do saltwater gargles and rinses. It’s truly a savior when it comes to braces pain relief. If you’re having trouble eating from the pain, rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution and watch the magic happen.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

If you don’t want your teeth to hurt or be poked by the braces, do your best to maintain good oral hygiene. After all, the entire procedure revolves around your dental health. As long as you take good care of it, you won’t have to deal with dental pain of any kind.

Remember To Be Patient

Lastly, just remember to stay calm and be patient. It’s okay to experience slight pain here and there. If you’re careful and take all the proper precautions, the pain will soon go away on its own.

Here’s What To Keep In Mind

Simply put, toothaches and sensitivity are pretty common after getting braces. However, if you’ve been dealing with braces pain and wondering how to put a stop to it, you can give the tips mentioned above a try.

Although if the pain continues for a really long time and doesn’t seem to go away, contact your orthodontist as soon as you can. For more information, reach out to Porter Smiles Dental at (281) 519-7200. You can also visit our dental office located at 21693 FM1314 #700, Porter, TX 77365, besides Southern Maid Donuts.